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Welcome to Equal Consulting

Who We Are

Equal is a bespoke HR consultancy based in Saudi Arabia-Riyadh, providing personalized HR solution. We have built a strong reputation through a wide range for network connection and experience in Saudi Arabia Market.

Working in two key spaces of HR Consulting, and HR Executive Search. We are the go-to firm when you need a trusted and reliable partner for your people strategies.

Our Mission

To develop integrated HR solutions & services that transform strategies into reality and business plans into actions

Our Vision

To become the leading trusted advisor in HR management consulting in KSA, being well recognized for overcoming business challenges through value added solutions

Our Integrated HR Solutions

Partnering closely with our client, we develop new insights about the current business operations, challenges they face, and their future aspiration in-order to create tailored-fit HR solutions that yield the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients. We develop innovative and practical HR approaches guaranteed to transform and stimulate growth, optimization, efficiency and effectiveness to earn Trust.

Act with Equal: 

we are trustworthy and transparent in the way we work.

Our Values

Value our People:

we have a highly professional team who deliver value added solutions.

Commitment to Quality: we continually improve our performance to ensure delivery of quality-based solutions every time.

Strive for Excellence: 

we aim high & strive for professional perfection


Equal is your Human Resources Strategic business parter 

We collaborate with highly rated partners in the Saudi market to support you grow in your business.

Working in two key spaces of HR Consulting, and HR outsourcing, we are the go-to firm when you need a trusted and reliable partner for your people strategies.

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Empowering Your Business with Our HR Expertise

Our Services

Executive Search Services

We are a specialized recruitment firm that helps organizations identify, attract, and hire senior-level executives for key leadership positions. 

We work on behalf of our clients to find top talent for executive roles such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and other C-suite positions, as well as senior management roles. 

We are specialized in Oil & Gas and Construction industries 

We have a well-defined process for executive recruitment that involves understanding the client's needs, sourcing and identifying potential candidates, assessing their qualifications and fit, presenting candidates to the client, and assisting with the negotiation and hiring process.

We work on confidential searches where the hiring company prefers not to publicly advertise the executive position. This discretion is crucial for senior-level roles where confidentiality is important. 

We maintain relationships with both clients and candidates to ensure a positive experience throughout the recruitment process. 

We rely on our extensive networks, industry contacts, and databases to identify and connect with top executive talent. We also proactively reach out to passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities. 

We conduct rigorous assessments of candidates to ensure they not only have the required skills and experience but also fit the company culture and leadership requirements. This may involve interviews, reference checks, and other evaluation methods. 

We charge a fee based on a percentage of the candidate's first-year salary, or a flat fee agreed upon with the client company. The fee is usually paid by the hiring company upon successful placement of an executive candidate.

We act as a  strategic partner to the hiring company and a trusted advisor to the candidates. By engaging an executive search firm, organizations can access their expertise, networks, and resources to secure top executive talent that can drive business growth, innovation, and success. The collaborative partnership between the client company and the executive search firm can lead to successful executive placements that align with the company's strategic goals and vision.

Consulting Services

Our Methodology 

Through our methodology, we are committed to present the subject matter expert in your industry. We are responsive to find an immediate tailored-fit solution to the problem in a very short notice. We continuously improve the quality of our solutions and the efficiency of our processes.


Applying extensive data collection & analysis to diagnose existing HR problems & challenges


Setting a strategic plan & a roadmap of innovative HR solutions & well-defined approaches to solve problems


Implementation of HR solutions & building internal support to ensure their integration within the client's need


Continuous improvement & resource optimization

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Empower Your Organization through Equality with Equal Consulting

HR Strategy and Talent Mangement Template 

Level up your Organization by using formal High Standard HR documents and Templates 




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